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The quality sustenance and improvement are the prime spots of concentration of the IQAC cell of this College. The IQAC in this college functions to sustain the momentum of quality consciousness among the students of the College.



Coordinator: Dr. R.A. Singh


Dr. G.C. Pant

Dr. Pramod Joshi

Dr. Vallari Kukreti

Dr. S.K. Arya

Shri Brajesh singh

Shri Devendra Kumar

Dr. Shankar Mandal

Dr. Bipin Pathak

Member of management: Dr. G. C. Pant

Administrative Officer: Shri Pooran Ram

                                          Shri Rajendra Prasad

Nominee of the society: Shri M.C. Pandey (C A)

Nominee of the Students:   Shri Nitin Markana

Alumni: Adv. M.C.Bhatt

Nominee from employers/ industrialists/ stakeholders:

Dr. Ranbir Singh

Shri Krishan Bahadur Mall

Shri Dinesh Ojha

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