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Admission Committee

Faculty of Arts:

PG- Respective HOD

UG- Convenor : Dr.Saroj Verma

Co- Convenor: Dr.Vallari Kukreti

Members :

  • Dr. Rashmi Pant
  • Dr. Neelakshi Joshi
  • Dr. Basundhara Upadhyay
  • Shri Brajesh Singh
  • Dr. R.K.Dwivedi




Faculty of Science 

PG - Respective HOD 

UG - Convenor : Dr.N.S. Bankoti

Co- Convenor: Dr.J.S.Gariya

Members :

  • Dr.Bipin Joshi
  • Dr. Ashutosh Pratap Pandey
  • Dr. Richa Punetha
  • Dr. Bipin Pathak
  • Dr. M.M.Gururani


PG - Respective HOD (Dr.G.C.Pant)

UG -Convenor : Dr. Jagdeepak Joshi

Co- Convenor : Dr.A.K.Pant

Members :

  • Miss Shanti
  • Shri Bimal Joshi
  • Mrs. Rachana Pal



Respective HOD Mr. Gaurav Joshi and Mr. Brajesh Singh



Respective HOD Mr. Devendra kumar

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